MAX- HP  2430 30 A
MAX- HP  2430 30 A
MAX- HP  2430 30 A

MAX- HP 2430 30 A

İndirim Oranı : %76 İndirim
KDV Dahil : $9,420.68
İndirimli : $1,890.02  + KDV
KDV Dahil : ₺74.035,03
TL Fiyat : ₺61.695,86(₺12.339,17 + KDV)
ModelHP2430/2440HP2450/2460HP4830/4840RemarksRated current30A/40A50A/60A30A/40A System voltageAutomatic recognition of 12V/24V48V No-load loss< 13mA/12V?< 15mA/24V<20mA Max. Solar energyinput voltage<55V<110V Max. voltageat the battery end<34V<68V Max. voltageat the battery endParameters DefaultSLDFloodedFLDSealedSLDGELGELLithiumLIOvervoltage protection16.0V×1/12V?×2/24V?×4/48V?Equalizingcharging voltage14.8V14.6V--Boost charging voltage14.6V14.4V14.2V14.4VFloating charging voltage13.8V13.8V13.8V-Charging recovery voltage13.2VOver-discharge recovery voltage12.5V?settable with the keys?Over-discharge voltage11.0V?settable with the keys?Equalizingcharging interval30days-- Equalizingcharging time1H--Boostcharging time2H-Temperaturecompensation-3.0mV/?/2V-LightcontrolvoltageLight control on 5V, light control off 4 V (light control on minus 1 V)×1/12V?×2/24V?×4/48V?Light controljudgment time10 minutes USB functionYesNoNo Operating temperature-25?to+55?? IP protection degreeIP30 Net weight390g650g650g Protectionfunctionsattery reverse connection protection, solar panel reverse connection protection, reverse charging protection at night Charging overload protection,overcurrent protection, short circuit protection Dimensions(mm)164.0×103.5×47.0189.27×127.2×54.0189.27×127.2×54.0
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